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We are Green and Renewable

Our Team

We are a team composed of professionals with multidisciplinary training and qualification, including agronomists, clean energy specialists, investment management, private equity, circular economy experts, energy transition and low-carbon economy specialists, distributed across 4 strategic countries for the company's business. The team has over 150 years combine experience.

Our team goes beyond enabling biogas projects and installing plants: we conduct market and productive arrangement analyses to obtain biomass. We analyze regulatory, environmental licensing, and commercial viability contexts, with a focus on low-carbon and high-ESG impact projects.

About us

We have many solutions in a single platform


We offer waste to energy solutions, capture of greenhouse gases, biomethane generation, fertilizer production and carbon credits. Our business model is modular, scalable and replicable, it can be implemented worldwide.


We go beyond generating renewable energy: we provide high-impact ESG and environmental green solutions.

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