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Everything you need to go renewable and green

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Circular Economy Solutions

Our services and solutions contribute to the circularity of waste, transforming into biogas/biomethane, energy, heat, and sustainable fertilizer, helping companies and cities move towards environmental sustainability. We are a sustainable green company and we can help you on the path towards energy transformation


We conduct laboratory methanization tests on biomass samples at a world-renowned laboratory located in Denmark

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We provide design solutions for the construction of new biogas/biomethane plants


We operate with a collaborative approach in engineering, integrating stakeholders to develop and improve biogas/biomethane production systems

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Project & Management

We provide consulting and project management services for the purpose of verifying the biogas/biomethane generation potential of our clients, including financial feasibility analysis and financing options for biogas plants

Construction and Assembly

We construct and assemble anaerobic digestion units with different waste processing capacities and biogas/biomethane production capabilities

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We evaluate and modernize existing biogas plants to our technology, increasing waste recovery and biogas/biomethane production rates

Operation & Maintenance

We operate and provide maintenance services for both new and existing biogas plants

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We supply and install equipment for the production of biopulp, to provide organic substrate from urban solid waste to biogas plants

Waste Management and Solutions for Landfills

We offer complete solutions for the management and operation of landfills, including the recovery of organic fraction from solid urban waste for biogas and biomethane generation

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Virtual Pipeline

We work with our local partners to enable transportation through virtual pipelines, allowing for bulk transportation of the produced gas and diversifying the possibilities for commercialization and distribution of the biogas/biomethane produced

Cleantech Solutions

We develop and implement biogas/biomethane generation projects from project to operation. We help our clients turn environmental liabilities into sustainable and renewable assets, with high consumption demand, high ESG impact, preparing them to promote energy transition with high efficiency in a low-carbon economy

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