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It is Time to Go W2E

Anaerobic digestion offers several environmental and economic benefits; including the reduction of the volume of waste that ends up in landfills, generation of clean energy, reduce gas emissions, CO2 and helps to decarbonization of the economy.

Why W2E

Better for the Environment

Anaerobic digestion (AD) of organic waste is a biological process that converts materials such as food scraps, sewage sludge, and agricultural waste into biogas, a renewable energy source. Anaerobic digestion offers various environmental and economic benefits, including reducing the volume of waste that ends up in landfills, generating clean and renewable energy, and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Cost Cutting

The AD offers significant financial benefits as it can reduce waste disposal costs and generate revenue from the sale of energy or byproducts produced by the process, such as organic fertilizers. Additionally, anaerobic digestion can be an additional source of income for companies that generate large amounts of organic waste, such as farms and food industries.

Low-Carbon Economy

The AD technology is important for a low-carbon economy because it produces biogas, a renewable and low-carbon energy source. Additionally, the process reduces the amount of organic waste destined for landfills, where they would release greenhouse gases during decomposition. With anaerobic digestion, these waste materials are transformed into clean and renewable energy, helping to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and mitigate climate change.

High Impact ESG

AD is a high-impact ESG technology because it helps to reduce the environmental impact of organic waste, generates clean and renewable energy, contributes to mitigating climate change, and can generate additional revenue for companies that adopt this sustainable practice. In addition, anaerobic digestion promotes social responsibility and environmental commitment, making it an attractive option for investors and consumers concerned with ESG issues.

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What we solve



Solutions for food industry waste



Solutions for agribusiness waste



Solutions for household waste



Solutions for landfill and MSW 

How Our Technology Works?

Our technology has the best performance on the market, ensuring the highest percentage of methane and CO2 recovery. With plants located in several countries, we ensure the efficiency of our projects and the reliability of our customers.


We act from the beginning to the end of the projects, from its conception to the post operation and maintenance. We also manage W2E plants together with the client. Our concepts and technology are modular, scalable and replicable, allowing the expansion of the installation according to new growth demands.

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Biogas & Biomethane

We generate biogas and biomethane to meet the diverse consumption demands of the market, using cutting-edge proprietary technology and the best performance metrics in the market


We generate electricity from renewable sources with low environmental impact, achieving the highest carbon offset rates compared to other renewable sources


We generate heat for different consumption demands, both for households and industries


We produce fertilizers for agricultural use with the best nutrient percentages for application in sustainable farming systems


Our solution is complementary to other renewable energy generation technologies by enabling the stabilization of energy systems.

We have many solutions in a single technology

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